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BBBD!!! (Big Bow Buck Down)

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Weather and work schedule has made it a challenging archery season but yesterday made up for it! Got into my stand about 9am after the rain let up. All was quiet then at 11am decided to make a few grunts on my grunt call. I sit down and no sooner than 5-10 minutes I look to my right and behind, where I thought a deer might come and sure enough there was a rack coming through the golden rod. It all happened so fast, no time to think, it was almost automatic. I turned and grabbed my bow and stood in my motion. He came right along a trail at 30 yards, I drew back, bleated at him, he stopped. I told myself take the time and settle the pin, I did and next thing I knew the arrow released, I saw it disappear and he kicked his back legs and took off...I knew it was a good shot. Shortly after he ran over a bank I heard him crash...let the shaking begin. The drag was just as fun and challenging...he was at the bottom of a steep bank, no going up, a nearby small creek was high and buddy. With help from family was able to pull him across the creek to a trail could bring the Gator down on. Planning on a Euro skull mount for him.RSCN2096.thumb.JPG.56d7c7f2e87ac515b4c2292ccc24c521.JPGDSCN2091.thumb.JPG.5ace9e5042ab85fbeb6a0228f82ca615.JPG


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