What do I need to get for bow hunting

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Depends on how much stuff you plan to carry to the stand.  Personally I prefer a fanny pack with shoulder straps.  There's enough room in my fanny pack to carry what I need to bowhunt.

Other than a pack (of some sort) here's some more useful items to consider.

1. stretch style arm guard (spare one too...just in case)

2. release (spare one too...just in case)

3. Realtree double fold bow holder (3 arm double fold style)

4. binocs

5. several screw in gear hooks to hang your gear and pack in the tree.  Also handy to hang your quiver too if you prefer shooting without your quiver attached to your bow (I do).

Didn't think you needed to to think about a quiver, arrows, grunt call, or other such items.  BTW...the reason I like to carry an extra release & arm guard in my pack is you never know when you'll drop one out of the stand while gearing up to hunt.

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As far as packs so, I just have a cheap Realtree back pack that I picked up at Wal Mart years ago. In it I keep an extra release, toilet paper (you never know lol), extra flashlight, water bottle, gutting knife, snacks, a few deer scents, grunt & bleat calls, pull up rope, small pair of binos, extra gloves, folding saw, and small pair of pruning shears.

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