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Really depends a lot on where you are.  Usually early season here I wear snake boots.   Been pretty happy with cabelas lines of boots.  If I were hunting elsewhere that it was colder and less potential for venomous snakes would likely just wear a pair of 400 gram thinsulate rubber boots.

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i used to wear pretty much muck boots only, got a pair of Irish setter 400 gram boots last year that i really enjoy wearing now, much lighter than the muck boots and more comfortable, pretty much wear them all the time unless i expect to have to walk through a lot of water or if it's gonna be too cold.

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Wouldn't happen to have any more suggestions on some elk hunting boots, would anyone? Thread is not really alive anymore, I am in search of better equipment for my hunting trip. Well, it's more of a group of hunters getting together for a hunt. I think that I have picked mostly what I want, like the shooting gloves, the jacket etc. But boots are another story. I do know that hunting boots fall into one of three categories – Early Season, Midseason and Late Season. So, I've been reading online at and I think I like the review on "AD TEC MEN’S 11" boots. The boots seem to be affordable, fairly durable. I also forgot to mention that I am somewhat new to the whole hunting game. I've been into this hobby for about a year now. Would like to see all the options as I have not yet 100% made my choice. Just asking around and looking for some advice.

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