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Flipped the tv over to the end of the vikings saints game after coming in from taking my 12 year old daughter for the last sit of the season.  Just in time to see the saints take the lead and the game appear to be over. 

That last play "air tackle" looked kinda fake.  How does a pro back miss that badly? Then they played it back multiple times from multiple angles.  Anyway a fun end to watch. 

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Yea that was nuts lol. I used to live in Minnesota, so been a Vikes fan for years....those kind of breaks just don't happen for us. The entire second half was a roller coaster. I think the DB just had his head down looking for a big hit to end the game, but just wiffed badly. Vikes have been underdogs all season really, and it was great to see them win at home. There were some priceless reactions on that last play lol.

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