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Mathews XT Man

Here ya go

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Pretty disgusting how those ..... think(working on our taxes the past few days and better I don't call em what I am thinking right now). 

Chucky the liar and nutcase pelosi are not even happy to give 2 million illegals amnesty in a deal to move things forward.  Remember here that nobama gave 800 THOUSAND plus illegals amnesty AND benefits that are not afforded to the taxpaying people who came here legally and also not given to natural born citizens.  Where else on this planet can people come in illegally and get free health care, free phones, free college, and then have the nerve to complain about it and bash the country.  All the while screwing over tens of millions of working class families who end up having to pay ridiculous money for insurance they cannot even use.

Personally not a fan of Trump giving amnesty, but understand trying to work out a deal to right the wrongs from the prior admin.  Sickening that voters will continue to keep those deadbeats in office, but then again with dead voters, illegals, and mickey mouse votes being allowed to count with no id whatsoever its no wonder.  

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