24hour campfire thread on applying in Colorado in 2018 with link for help from KC

Hungry Horse

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Also... if your read down,  see the comments from residents and long time Non residents on hunting in Colo with discussion on elk and deer.

Apply for your account early.... to work out problems and be registered.   Colorado Deer tags are all Draw.  Elk are a combination of Draw for limited Units  and  OTC for 2nd and 3rd rifle bull tags  This year application are all paperless, and all application will be done via the internet.  NO mail in paper applications in 2018.   Application accepted March 1 through April 3 2018.    HH

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Steve  HI  sorry I just saw this in 2022.  NO  I am out of s/w Pa   I am Charlie's friend who had contributed to the possible Realtree elk camp  in 2017 I believe.  It never  materialized though.  I do  not have a paper booklet for Coloradosince then,  so I cannot speak with accuracy.  There may have been changes since 2017.  Will Nelson with whom is host for the Elkatraz  hunt camp  whuch Ckarlie use to hunt with sometimes,  will be in Pagosa Springs  in 2022,   and it was a draw for archery elk I believe in 2022.  Just a heads up on that potential hunt group  It  is to late to apply anymore  for 2022.

  HH Richard 


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