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I'm leaving for Wy/SD this Monday am for Merriam hunt   but as you probably know  Mother Nature found out   and decided to have a blizzard there yesterday    12 inches plus at both locations   ugh!     So Ill do my best  but am facing the truth knowing it will be tough hunt    Will keep you posted

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well mother nature kinda spoiled my trip    was delayed 2 days getting to Rapid city .  So had to cancel my Wyoming trip and had 3 days in SD    and there the weather wasn't great   high winds etc     birds gobbling on roost   but hit the ground and went silent ,totally henned up.    Called in some jakes but passed on them.   All in all was a fun trip   did some trout fishing   caught a few dandys.  On a good note   got a $800 travel voucher from Delta   yay!!!!

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Ya went too early, this year, buddy .....................

This past week was AWESOME out in that neck of the woods !!!  I posted some stuff about me & my brother's trip in the Turkey Hunting forum............. 


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