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Season ending gobbler

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My son joined me for the 1st 3 days in Missouri when I returned.  The birds were henned up real bad, gobbling good on the roost then shutting up when they touched down.  During those 3 days we saw 7 hens but no gobblers.  The afternoon after he left, I was watching and listening for gobbler by a 29 ac. field where we have a clover plot in a nook on the south side.  Close to roost time a gobbler appeared in the clover, worked his way around and flew up to roost.  The next morning I was set up outside the clover in the crop field before dawn.  The gobbler sounded off on the roost about 6 times.  He flew down on the wrong side of the creek next to the field.  I called and within 15 seconds, 2 hens sailed off the roost landing in the field ~75 yards from me.  They went right into the brush after touching down.  Suddenly the gobbler appeared.  I dished out some light calls and he he came on a string.  At ~25 yards he was just to the right of my jake decoy with neck raised high I turned the Nitro load loose.  My last gobbler of this spring (2 bird limit in MO) has an 11" paint brush bird but another strange bird...1 spur that was only 3/16" long.  He weighed 22 pounds.

793028707_IMG_0952RT.jpg.cad364f465f3758f58134f37f128942b.jpg878531723_IMG_0964RT.jpg.8271657b4f6f2203a1a1f56b39c762ac.jpg dumb are turkeys?  After I shot my bird and took the 1st pic of him by my jake decoy, I took off my mask & gloves and started gathering up of calls.  I looked up and 1 of the hens was walking toward my decoys.  It's been less than a minute since I shot the gobbler.  Here's a pic of the hen to the left of the jake decoy and as you can see, my gobbler is still taking a dirt nap.


BTW...I also found this turkey nest that a predator had found shortly before I found it.  One of the eggs that was busted open still had wet yolk in it.


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