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The hoosier pride glyphosate resistant  beans I planted last year impressed me enough to put them in again this year.   Getting them in during the spring once again just did not work out, but did manage to get 2 of 3 plots in during the month of June, the 3rd plot went in in July and just finally got a good rain on it on Sunday.


Little closer view of the plants below, the deer are eating them, but have not had an overbrowsing issue.   Sprayed glyphosate on them at about 4-6 inches tall with a 3 point 40 gallon sprayer I just bought this spring and worked out very well behind my smaller kubota tractor.  Post emergent spraying with the gly resistant beans rather than spraying before tilling seems to work better so far.


The 2nd plot took off a little better, did less prep work on that ground, go figure.  Was in a little bit of a hurry and did not firm up that ground before broadcasting the seed.  


Had some germination in some spots in the bottom a few days after planting where seed was along tree drip line and where I had rolled some of the seed in with the little tractor.  No pics of that one yet, hopefully after Sunday's rain that plot will take off. Had a LOT of seed, mostly in sandy areas, that did not get covered after I broadcast it, so we will see how that goes.  

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