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Hunting Rangefinder comparisons

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Personally I will not buy any bushnell brands ever again.  Bushnell is not the same as it once was.  When they bought out another brand, they abandoned owners of many of those optics products, many of which had lifetime warranties.  Stinks to have the upper end of a known name brand product that was sold with a lifetime warranty only to have the warranty being worthless.   Further, when I asked them some questions they got rude.  They actually continued producing the very same optic I wanted to have repaired under the cabelas name for a short time which also sold with a lifetime warranty.  I asked bushnell point blank and they lied to me.  Poor customer service, there are too many other companies out there that are willing to make it right when faced with issues.  

That being said I do own a bushnell compact 800 rangefinder, have had it for several years and no complaints, but then that was purchased before some of the bushnell transitions and acquisitions.   

I recently had to send my nikon monarch binos in for repair, only cost me shipping one way, had them back to me in a couple weeks.  Nikon to my knowledge is only nikon, under the bushnell umbrella there are brands such as tasco and simmons.  So your bushnell rangefinder made in china is probably manufactured in the same plant as simmons and tasco and possibly other brands you may not even recognize.

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