Any good trail cam pics, hero shots

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One on the left, think he is a 5.5 year old or older deer.  He won't be a pretty trophy buck, but is one we are all after.  I strongly believe he is a deer we saw several times last year that had his antlers splintered early on in October.  Our youngest daughter Allison had an opportunity on him during the youth hunt last year, but we opted to watch him. Late season had me watch the deer probably a dozen times with multiple opportunities some inside archery range.   Catrina also had multiple opportunities on the deer last year.  

This year had pics of him last on the 27th of Sept between the 2 cards I swapped yesterday.  Everything this year has him only coming around at night.  Testosterone is kicking in, antlers clean, they have started coming back around and from most recent tc pics looks as though he is again solitary.   Between last year and this year have approaching 500 pics of the deer between 3 cams.  Pic below does not really well represent the deer's body size, but estimate he would be over 200 lbs on the hoof, which is big for here.  


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Catrina killed a mature buck with the muzzleloader back in early November, unfortunately he did not leave a good blood trail and I ended up finding him 4 days later.  Can see more here.

This is the highlight of the season for me Tim.  Long read but worth it.  


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