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Deer Calling Tactics you can WATCH work!

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We have watched a lot of videos on deer calling, and we would get frustrated by hearing things like "Imagine This Scenario" or "Do this when X is happening" but it has nothing but a talking head describing situations hypothetically. Some of the info is actionable, but many times it is missing important context. We decided to make a better "How to" deer calling video! We did it by walking through actual hunts where we are calling to deer that would otherwise pass out of range. We hold nothing back, and even show when we screwed up. We think this is the most relatable deer calling video you will find. What are some of your go to tactics? Enjoy! https://youtu.be/S1EZ4m2vCuc

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just to shutup unless the deer is walking away from you. lol  call less. got to give them time to think about it and wonder where exactly you are. call too much and they'll walk right up to the tree and look up at you, whether you've got a shot or not.

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