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Ahhh...Sweet November Success

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I arrived back in MO to kick off my late Oct. through early  November hunt on October 26th.  The first 2 days were spent watching young bucks, does and fawns.  The 4th afternoon, was great hunting just inside the edge of a standing corn field.  Around 4:40 I see 2 gobblers coming (we get 2 archery turkey tags with our archery license).  The perfect storm...they step behind a big oak on the edge of the field giving me a chance to draw undetected.  The 1st gobbler steps out at 20 yards...takes 3 steps, then gets spooky and starts easing into the standing corn.  Wide open shot at the vitals in his back...arrow hits home...he goes 40 yards...still in view of the stand in  the standing corn.  My kind of recovery.  My buddy hit one of hit one of his main target bucks that afternoon so we spent a lot of time that night luck...same next morning except we did find more blood.  Called in Tracker John...he made 2 loops through and both times lost the trail a bit past the last blood.  My buddy was sick!  With all that going on I took 1 pic of him on the skinning shed table.  On to deer hunting.

During my hunts on Oct. 30th and 31st it was easy to tell the bucks were starting to chase but no mature bucks in on the action yet.  During the middle of the day on the 30th I was checking a trail cam and caught this buck for the 1st time.


Hummm...I had recently moved a camera to a scrape in an area SE of there.  During past years bucks in that SE area would occasionally show up here.  the new cam set was by a ladder stand I had ~25 yards E of the SW corner of a big standing corn field.  With the wind being perfect for that stand Thursday afternoon (Nov. 1st),  I decided to hunt that stand and check the cam there.  The stand offers shots both in the field and trails cutting around the corner of it.  The 1st deer to appear is a doe at 3:35.  At 4:30, I hear footsteps off my left shoulder.  I turn my head and this big 8 is walking right at me.  Can't move.  At ~30 yards he turns toward his left heading toward a trail going into the corner of the field.  A short pause at that trail at 30 yards (angling toward me) then he eases toward the field.  Open shot in the timber at 24 yards...i got that...arrow released...hits home...double lung!  Alright!!!  He trots about 50 yards and stops...I can easily see him in the timber.  He stands there for a couple of minutes then beds down right there.  I took this pic from the stand.


He tried to get up 4 or 5 times but couldn't do it.  Finally after watching him for 20 minutes, he quits moving.  I waited another 30 minutes before getting down to check him out and take this pic.  The was a bit of celebration there too!


Yesterday morning I scored him and took this pic...he gross scores and even 150".


After checking the trail cam pics from the cam at the kill stand, turns out he was a regular there.  Showed up 2 afternoons between 5:00 and 5:30 on 2 out of the past 4 days before I hunted the stand.  I'll be on the sidelines in MO until Nov. 10th...opening day of the MO gun season.

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