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I typically haven't done venison roasts much (I'm not much a cook myself but enjoy eating most anything), I decided with my deer last year to get a roast to try something new, my wife and I have been trying a lot of new recipes and different cooking methods with the last few deer.. had a 2+ lb roast for dinner tonight she did in the pressure cooker, she did sliced onions, cut the roast into 3-4 pieces and placed on top of the onions, put some beef broth and beef crock pot mixture in over the roast and cooked for an hour and a half, had with a side of diced potatoes and baby carrots.. most delicious and tender roast I ever had, pulled apart easier than pulled pork, no knife required.. needless to say I'll be getting more roasts in my future and this one will go in the books as one of my favorites. Figured I'd share.

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3 hours ago, MUDRUNNER said:

That sounds pretty good! I haven't saved the roasts for a couple of years. I always liked it, but they tend to dry out really easy and the wife & kids don't care for it.

That's typically why i didn't like them but this was probably the most tender piece of venison i've ever had, and contrary to not cooking as long as beef you actually cook this longer than beef and it just breaks everything down in it.. my wife and 2 of 3 daughters loved it as well.

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