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Emma's first buck!!

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A goal of mine this season was to get my 14 year old daughter her first buck.....mission accomplished! Her hunting time is pretty limited, so we try to make the best of the few hunts that we can get in. Almost a year to the day that she shot her first doe last season, and she closed the deal on this nice 5 pointer.

We climbed in the tree about 5:50 Saturday morning, with shooting time starting around 6:20. Weather was nice & wind was perfect for the set we were in. Bucks have really been responding well to the grunt call this season, so about 6:35 I gave a couple of soft grunts. About 5 minutes later this guy comes sneaking in. He is real timid & working his way to us very slowly. He's rubber necking hard trying to see the deer that grunted. He gets closer and Emma flips the red dot on & safety off on the crossbow. Instead of continuing up the trail that goes 15 yards in front of our tree he ends up turning and going to our right. It's a tricky shot since she shoots right handed, but I told her before the hunt that if she was comfortable it was her decision on what/when to shoot. He stops in the ravine about 23 yards and she squeezed it off. The shot looked a fuzz high, but judging by his reaction I didn't think he would go far. We hung out in the tree for about 45 minutes & get settled down a little. Went back to the truck for pop tarts and Gatorade to give him a little more time. We walked back to the spot she shot him, and found great blood with lots of bubbles in it. I told her to go first & would just follow her. He ended up going about 100 yards, but the blood trail was very easy to track. It's a year & a half old buck, but man he had a tank of a body. She got some good practice in dragging a deer up & down all the ridges lol. After seeing the deer the shot was about perfect. We were 18' up in a tree, and he was down in a ravine so even at 23 yards the angle was pretty steep. The arrow went in high on his right side, and came out low on his left side. I couldn't be more proud of this kid. Straight A student, amazing athlete, hard working, caring & respectful, and she's turning into a darn good deer hunter.





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