Best 9 days hunting I ever had

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Hey gang. I had a rocking 10 days in Texas. Only hunted 9 of them and I killed 9 hoofed critters in 9 days. two whitetail bucks, a 8 and a 7. Six wild hogs and a free range Axis buck. I would have liked to add a Rio turkey to the list, but they did not cooperate. The 8pt WT I shot on my property in Harper was my first kill on my land in the 5 years I have owned it. The second WT I shot, the 7 was on a friends property about 5 miles away. The hogs were trapped(17 in a week!) and I did the honors on 6 of em with a suppressed 22 rifle. Man...some of these hogs just shook off the 22 coming at their head and kept charging the fence. Makes a crazy scene when your trying to shoot them and they keep charging at ya. The Axis was free range and although I would have like to have shot a better Axis, since it is free range, I take whatever comes along. No fences here pal...not for me. He will be good eating.

Texas is a magical place for sportsmen and women. Something to hunt year round, day or night with out limits and any weapon(exotics and hogs). Where do you get that?

Those are some of things that are making me leave this nanny state of NY. But not soon enough. This was my best trip yet to Texas. I cannot wait to live there full time.

One more thing...I got raped by Delta on the baggage fees. I brought home 3 coolers full of meat. Check one bag, that was free, second bag $40...OK...3rd bag $150! and 4th bag $200!

All in all, $390 to ship back three 50lb coolers and my clothes. I cancelled my sky miles card with Amex because of those fees. My ticket there round trip was only $266.

I do not know where they get off charging these exorbitant baggage fees. Beware of Delta.

The hog trap.

45373826225_d664981763_z.jpgKIMG1740(1) by Tony Pic, on Flickr

1st batch of hogs...11 of 'em.

45373827395_0ba9ac008d_z.jpgKIMG1735 by Tony Pic, on Flickr

The hogs I shot.

45373830165_df2a8a73a4_c.jpgIMG_0690 by Tony Pic, on Flickr


My 1 horned Axis buck...Free range. No fences.

44475854570_7ee4da7388_c.jpgKIMG1851 by Tony Pic, on Flickr


My 1st whitetail on my land.

46292775441_36ec638716_c.jpg51054 by Tony Pic, on Flickr


My second whitetail of the trip. The 7pt, but bigger than the 8.

46292776031_6b8ac7e673_c.jpg51293 by Tony Pic, on Flickr

46292777281_ae21bc5831_z.jpgKIMG1810 by Tony Pic, on Flickr


The rifle I used on the hogs.

45569382004_47745ab17b_c.jpgKIMG1846 by Tony Pic, on Flickr

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20 hours ago, Mathews XT Man said:

Looks like a great time!  Who dont like Bacon and Backstraps?  Cant imagine how many hogs are out there

Thanks for the congrats guys. It was a blast. No doubt.

It is amazing how many hogs are out there. This trap was set right off the Frio River in Concan Texas. In 6 months this trap has produced over 88 hogs. That is a insane number. So many we run out of folks to give the meat to and some get left to rot. There are places that will take it to feed the homeless, but YOU have to pay to have the pigs processed. At $80 per, that gets expensive, so they leave some to rot. But they do not go to total waste. The Vultures and coyotes eat well.

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Strangely I was told by the processor in Texas that wild boar do not produce bacon. Their diet is so lean that the fat on the belly does not accumulate like the over fed domestic pigs that we do get bacon from. You would need one seriously over fed wild hog to develop the pork belly.

My wife just cooked me some of the hog chops with Spanish rice and green olives. Man it was good and tender. Not a hint of gaminess to be found.

 I keep looking at that light color pig and thinking how he shook off those 22's to his noggin. It wasn't until I put one in his eye that stopped his recurring charge at the bullet man.


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34 minutes ago, hammerforged said:

Love hunting in Texas, have only hunted Doves and Quail with a few Javalena over the years but hope to add an Axis this February and maybe an Aoudad.  Thanks for sharing Anthony.

Ross. You have made contact with my cousin Herbie. You know what you have to do 😉.

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