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Got a great doe at Willow Slough in Northwest Indiana this weekend

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After learning a lot about deer Bedding from Dan Infalt, I started to wonder about Willow Slough beyond the self-imposed boundaries from previous years.
I began scouting around the swamp areas and transition lines. Online and boots on the ground scouting for 2 months and marking Leeward side of hills and learning advanced wind and thermals... I have seen a lot of deer lately.
I began seeing 10 to 20 deer every weekend and found a few honey spots as opposed to 1 or 2 deer in a weekend.
This is my second doe in three days of hunting since finding the secret spots.
120 meter shot with my CVA optima 50 caliber muzzleloader and Konus 3–9 X 40 scope.. (the scope came with the muzzleloader).
She dropped and that was that. They of course checked her for chronic waste disease and aged her at 3 1/2 years. Which, to me, was very surprising.

At the butcher’s right now. Can’t wait.

And while pulling up to the parking lot with my doe after 8/10th of a mile with the game cart (still not easy). I see this guy after not seeing him for 5 years. Old hunting buddy.

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