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patience pays off BIG for 13 year old daughter

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I had taken Allison, our 13 year old daughter, on Christmas day and we saw a real nice 2.5 year old 8 point.  She was a little bummed that she did not shoot him, she had a great opportunity on that buck, but did not decide she wanted to shoot him and I did not know until he had gotten to a point where she would have had an awkward shot.  I told her if we saw him again, she would have the gun and be ready and could decide.  I have seen that little 8 point from that stand probably 6 or 7 times before yesterday.  I had told her that if the 8 made it through this year he would be a great deer next year, but also told her that there was no right or wrong, if we saw the deer and she was happy to take the deer I would be proud either way.  This buck below is the one we watched Christmas day.MFDC6581resized.thumb.JPG.a85dc95d3b6f5c3671571cbcebeced9d.JPG

We went Saturday afternoon and sat a different stand over the bottom, wind was not really right for the stand where I had been seeing the 8 point, did not see a single deer.  I went yesterday morning back to the stand looking over the beans and watched the little 8 come across and into our beans about 8:30 in the morning, but also noticed him being a little more nervous looking than the last time I had seen him and he did not feed long.  

Yesterday afternoon, we get a light east to east south east wind, but much warmer weather in the 50's and a warm front and rain moving in.  Back to the old stand over our back field where we can watch the beans.  We had some does come out a little after 4 pm about 170 yards off to our south.  One good sized doe, a medium sized gimpy doe and a fawn.  I told her that she might consider taking the doe that was limping if she got closer.  The does were feeding heavy but kept looking to the east of them, down the hill where we could not see.  I figured there was another deer around and told her we needed to keep a watch.  About 30 minutes later we had 3 more does come out of the woods from our left or east side, they fed in the beans in front of us and were getting pretty close.  The bean plot they are feeding in a long c shaped plot that runs along with the edges of treelines.  Allison gave me no nudge or did not try to tell me she wanted to kill one of the does, I figured we would give it a little time. Her mothers .243 was rested on the rail in front of her.  About 4:55 or so one of the 3 does in front of us about 45 yards away boogered a bit and she hopped on down the hill where we could see her body but not her legs, the other 2 does were still feeding in the beans, still pretty relaxed.  Dunno if the wind shifted for a second or if she caught movement from us or what, she was looking at us and back to our left but she was not too bothered.  The does to our right now are heading to the does that are in front of us.  Being overcast just after the sun set it was getting pretty dim, legal shooting light end here is 30 minutes after sunset.  I broke away from watching the does and catch movement to the left, south east of the does, between a brush pile and the thin strip of trees on the edge of our property and immediately tell Allison that's a good buck and help her get the gun to her shoulder.  I knew without the binos in the dim light at about 125 yards he was a good deer, he was coming straight on and looked to be past his ears. She did not see him at first, but she found him.  I told her when he was broadside to take her shot.  As I pick up my binoculars she asks "now"?  I say yes, but as she flips off the safety he charges at one of the does and I tell her to wait until he stops again.  He stops again and she again says "now", and before I was done getting the word yes out of my mouth she fired.  He took off at first like he was not hit, but then wheeled around and back end went out from under him just before he entered the woods.  I managed to get another round in the gun and get it back to her, but he was already gone.  I heard crashing, and I knew she had hit him.  

Evidently Catrina sent me a text at 5:03 asking you.  I never saw it before I sent her a text Allison just shot a nice buck.  We waited just a minute for the does to be where they would not see us get down, and quickly got down and headed back to the house for flashlights.  We got back and found blood right away.  Good blood, followed in to the woods, Catrina caught up to us about 5 minutes later.  Got to the edge of our neighbor's mess briars and junk grown up chest high on me and lost blood.  Catrina had followed a trail a little way into the mess while Allison and I were looking in a straight line from the last blood.  Catrina yells here he is.  And this is what we find.


The 6 mm 100 grain hornady interlock pushed by 40.6 grains of imr 4350 exited through the off shoulder.  Bullet entered just behind the shoulder on entry, leaving a massive amount of damage.  


It was this buck, and I can say from the drag I had that I strongly believe he was heavier than me.  I am 205.  Unfortunately I did not get an accurate weight on him with our gambrel scale, really need a better scale.  Buck this big with no brows, honestly think he is close to being at his best antlerwise.  


He was the one I was after for a better cape for Catrina's buck.  He will go on the wall as he is.  I could not be anymore proud of this kid, she made a great shot on a buck that most grown men in this area would call a wallhanger.  

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Congrats Allison! That is a great buck! Looks like she hammered him! It puts a smile on my face seeing these young lady's getting it done....memories of a lifetime. Nice job William.

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On 12/31/2018 at 10:20 AM, MUDRUNNER said:

memories of a lifetime

Yep, think I will frame this pic below, maybe a 5x7.  Was post drag, and post dealing with a flat tire on the tractor.  My wife asked me if I wanted her to find the better camera that was in my parka pocket but she said the iphone camera was pretty good, so I said it should be fine.  Wish I would have had her take pics with the camera. 


This was her second deer.  So glad I took her, way more exciting than if I had shot the deer.  


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