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Mathews XT Man

Let the Witch fly her broomstick

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Hadn't clicked your link, assuming this is in regards to Pelosi and her plan to hop a plane with military.  Then the dems are spouting off about this being a security issue with Trump giving away the logistics.  Fire em all.  Her taking off to Hawaii at the onset of this was her pinkslip imo.  These elected officials are given a job to do, when they refuse to do the job they are elected to do, fire them and let someone who will do the job take their place.  If the govt shutdown had first cut these senators and reps pay, there would already have been a resolution to this.  

Far as the state of the union address, let Trump give it as scheduled from the oval office.  Chucky and Nancy can give their follow up from Hawaii or wherever they happen to be exploiting taxpayers at that time.  

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cant agree more William!

They all were FOR the wall, BEFORE they were against it!

Not sure the Sate Of The Union could be secure???

But a trip to a WAR ZONE she dont have a problem with?

Clearly, one can see where and WHO is creating the GRIDLOC

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