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Can't pick just one, you decide.  Oldest daughter, Christina, in Wyoming 2010, she was 14.  Have several Wyoming pics, but this was the only one that was loaded on this laptop.


Youngest daughter, 10 year old Allison, on our property first deer 2015.  Allison passed this buck on the youth hunt with me with her, and later on went with my wife during our regular rifle season.  This was the wife's first time with one of our kids when they killed an animal.  


Then the highlight of this past season, 13 year old Allison taking her second deer ever.  I had her pass on a younger buck earlier on and it paid off.  One of my favorite pics that I have taken.  


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I've thought about this for a while and I do not think it is possible for me to pick a favorite.  Over the past 50+ years there are thousands to pick from.  However, I will share two pictures I like.  No family or friend pics as everyone of those is my favorite.

Fire in the sky - the result of our yearly summer fire seasonDSCN0989-fire%20in%20the%20sky.jpg

Mission Mountain Range - an embodiment of the rocky mountain westDSCN1311-mission%20mountaings.jpg

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