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First Bird Despite Disrespectful Hunters

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Last year on opening day, we were hit with the lows and highs of hunting all in one day.  After being the first one to the spot, I am a waterfowl hunter, so that means something to me, but apparently doesn't mean anything to others, we had hunters swing in and cut in behind us a shoot birds on their way to our field.  THEN the guy parked out in front of us TWICE and sat there forever, getting out of his truck, walking around, talking on the phone, you name it.  We had decoys out and orange up, so I KNOW he saw us.  It just blew my mind how someone could have such little respect.  Anyway, we got fed up and moved to a different property and immediately spotted some birds.  After calling to them for an hour, we decided to put a reap on them from 400 yards away.  We had to have crawled 250 yards, and when we came over the hill, the birds closed the rest of the distance in a hurry!  What a hunt!  I am curious have you ever had other hunters treat you like that?   Hope you enjoy the video! 


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I could not see a video.

20 hours ago, Weekend Woodsmen said:

 I am curious have you ever had other hunters treat you like that?

I have found that while turkey hunting in an area with easy access, it is not uncommon to encounter disrespectful people who will give little thought to others.  That is probably true of deer, elk and bear hunters also.  Unfortunately, unlike big game hunting here, most turkey hunting is in easily accessed areas simply because that's where the turkeys are.  I have experienced the same type of bad behavior when hunting on private property when I was to be the only one there and having someone drive into a field where I was calling to a group of gobblers.  That person drove right by my decoys and within range of the birds and shot from his truck.  He jumped out, grabbed the bird and threw it in the back of his truck and sped out of the field leaving ruts and throwing up mud.  I wish I could have gotten the plate number.  The land owner, and good friend, told me I should have peppered the side of the truck, as he wasn't too happy with the ruts in his field.  That was the last time I've hunted within sight of a road.  To minimize, or even eliminate, hunt disruptions I find that the farther I get away from a road, the better.

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