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Tim Andrus

Checking in

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Well I should be in time out, it's been a month and a half since I posted. 😞

Have done 6 shows since then and a 12 day stint in Florida lol

How is everyone, turkey or shed hunting?


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Yep, penalty box for Tim.  lol

I have been doing a lot of walking.  Have a few traps out still, yote sets.  No luck yet.

Found the first shed ever on our property back at the end of February. Little guy had just dropped it.  Shed was within feet of where the deer I killed this past season dropped when I shot him.  Still have cams out, deer last pull mostly had their antlers still on their heads.  I had just checked a camera and said to myself there have to be some sheds around here, why don't I ever find them. I had only found one in Tennessee before this one on the neighboring property.



Turkey season opens here this weekend, supposed to have storms Saturday. I have a lot of tc pics of some nice toms and a load of jakes coming by my cam inconsistently and at odd times.  I hunt our farm as landowner and don't have to pay anything to hunt so honestly dunno if I will even try.  If we had more ground to get after them I might be more inclined to try.  

Finally and most exciting is that we are expecting our first grandchild(girl) in less than a month.  


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