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Have a couple sets in for yotes in the sand in the bottom, had them with 1 inch schedule 40 pipe for the bait(pipe dream sets).  Think my locations are good, has been a lot of canine traffic in the area, problem is I keep catching possums.  Using night latched #2's with a pretty light pan.  Hate to set a heavier tension on the traps, not sure doing so would stop from catching possums.  I was using old chunks of nasty rotten deer for bait in the pipe and caven's yodel dog for a lure.  I have since removed the bait and gone to just lure.  

Have a few other places I can set, but a little apprehensive because our own dog wanders to those areas.  

Any tips, advice?

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For what it is worth, getting rid of the disease carrying possums is a good thing.  These are nuisance animals that cause damage and losses, epm is deadly for horses.  Have yet to catch my first yote, hopefully next season will have better luck.  

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On 4/1/2019 at 3:54 PM, Mathews XT Man said:

well I thought you were complaining about getting possums in the traps?  My BaD!

lol.  I was Martin, they kept screwing up the sets and cannot catch a yote when there is a possum in the trap.  Guess I was just trying to see a bright side. Yotes are legal here year round but probably gonna pull the traps, and next year will definitely run some sets with just lure and no bait.


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Must have a super light pan tension on that trap Martin.  No birds in mine just possum, several of them.  Kind of expected to get a buzzard.

I ended up pulling one trap that got washed out by flooding and moving it to a carcass hole(I had buried deer stuff there back over the winter).  Made a step down set into the hole the yotes had dug out yesterday morning. Had my first yote catch in that set this morning.  Nice sized mature female.  I remade that set but skeptical of another yote coming in to it, got sweaty and could not avoid having some sweat drip onto the sand.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow though so maybe the stench of the rotting remains in the hole will lure in another.


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