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Just started trying to trap yotes this spring and learning as I am going.  Just made this set Tuesday as a step down set where yotes had been coming in to a buried carcass from back over the winter.  Had another trap that washed out from recent flooding that I pulled and moved toys spot after seeing that the yotes re opened a hole.  

Pretty rewarding feeling Wednesday morning finding my first one in one of my sets. Had concerns about the earth anchors in this loose bottom sand but it held just fine.  Good sized pregnant female.  Good riddance, will definitely use this type set next year.


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On 4/20/2019 at 9:27 PM, Mathews XT Man said:

Thats the way to thin 'em out some!  looks like you are  getting it figured out, hole set is a good set also. lots of good sets on utube to learn from.


Thanks Martin.  Think I got a little lucky on the second one, trap did not have much of his foot. 

Have watched a few videos on you tube, some very good info in some of them.  Nightlatched the traps and adjusted the pan tension after watching a pretty good video on trap setup.  Being this sand is so loose, was not sure a typical dirt hole set would do too well, that was why I opted for the pipe for bait.  Using their hole and a step down set will definitely be one I will continue to use and will likely add a few more traps, only have 3 #2's at this point.  Have a great high traffic location to run a few more sets near the deer scrape line where I always run a camera, but that would have to be after deer season closes.  

Was going to pull both traps I have out, but last night heard at least 2 different packs within probably less than a half mile from our property and probably about the the same distance between them.  We should have calves dropping any time over the next month or so, so the less yotes around the less likely we lose any to predation.

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