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Pickle makes it 4 for 4 !!!

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Yesterday was our youth turkey hunt day.

After a rough ride on a windy morning and a pretty major set-up change, my best turkey huntin' buddy sealed the deal for the 4th youth day in a row.

Our original starting point was a long way from any of the gobbling birds we could hear.  Knowing we were in a good location, we stuck it out til around 8:00.  We decided to pull up and move about 600-700 yards up the ridge to put us on the same plane as the one group of birds we had heard from the limb.  But higher up was windier and made hearing rough.  But the first series I ran from my box at the new spot brought a group gobble from a few hundred yards away.  I wanted to close in but with the wind and the woods still being so wide open, I decided to stay put. I knew I had been heard and hoped the birds would show up before the noon quitting bell.  Called every so often and did manage one shouting match with an old and very pee-ohed hen.  At 10;30, I was looking one way when Pickle whispers "Ahhhh……….Dad...……."   I glanced right and here comes 2 longbeards, already in range, doing the mean walk, followed by a jake.  At 30-couple yards, the longbeards would not separate far enough for the longest time.  Add to that, Pickle was whispering that she wanted the strutter……...not the other one...……….  I'd liked to have just had a heart attack on the spot !!!  After about a freakin' ETERNITY, the birds separated by a couple of feet and I told her "SHOOT THE STRUTTER...…...NOW !!!!!! " 

 And she did.

Tale of the tape is 23 lbs...…… 9"...…….. 1" & 1"


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Good deal Don, congratulations to her.  Great pic and bird.  Always nice to read these posts with the kids tagging a bird or deer or whatever.  

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