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Two weeks of vacation to hunt turkeys and I'm done on day 4...…...… I suppose now I'll have to actually DO something around here, now...…

This is one of a pair of birds that hosed me yesterday. So I decided to hose him back today.

Yesterday, I had this dude and another longbeard strutting for about a half hour 30-40 yards out of range. Then 2 hens dropped outta the trees right into them and they all drifted off. So this morning I got in on the same spot...….just a tree or two away from where I sat yesterday...…….and waited for them to fire up. When they did, one was about 150-200 yards behind me and the other was about 300-400 yards in front of me. I got up and moved to tree about 15-20 yards in the direction of the closer bird and set up facing thataway. Gave him a few tree calls. He was gobbling...…..but not AT me. Just gobbling. Then things got quiet for a minute or two and he gobbled from the ground. Gave him a flydown and he hammered RIGHT back. I cut him off, then did a flydown with my hat and did some sharp cutts. Got the gun on the stick and the dot turned on. About a minute...….maybe two...…. I look right and he is out through the timber in full strut. He just starts picking his way toward me........strutting...…..breaking and walking...……..strutting some more. At 34-35 yards he gave a textbook opportunity, which I obliged and my season was over. 6:19 AM.

Just an AWESOME hunt and an AWESOME morning to be out.....taking in the sights...….. breathing in the smells...…….hearing the sounds of God's AMAZING creation !!!!!

Praise Him from whom ALL blessings flow !!!!



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