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1st pics from trail cams

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Only have two cameras out at this time, one is on my property and the other is high in the mountains a short distance above a stream crossing.  They have been placed in these spots the past several years.

There have been very few bucks seen this year so far, which on my property is kind of rare.  There were about 15 different bucks last year and I'm sure at least half of them had to have survived hunting season and winter.  First and only one on camera so far.



A couple from the one above the stream crossing.  The moose pic isn't the best as he appears to be moving on, but these pictures show the size difference between the two critters.



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13 hours ago, russelon said:

Nice shots! What trail cam do you use?

Obviously I use mostly Stealth Cam, the older version is a Delta 8 and the newer one is Model: STC-G26NG.  I do not think either one is still being manufactured.  I have had good luck with the Stealth Cam models that I've used.  Picture quality and battery life is the main factors why I like them, along with price point.  I also have an old Leupold RCX-2 that is currently high in the mountains which I need to go check.  Although Leupold discontinued that product line, I found it to be one tough camera that takes excellent pictures.

I'm currently in the market for another trail cam and am looking at the Stealth Cam G36NG.  I had two cameras destroyed by bears last fall and an old Bushnell Trophy Cam quit working this spring.

There are many fine trail cameras out there and just as many opinions on which one is the best.  Many are priced under $100.00, but depending on brand and options you can spend a whole lot more.

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