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Once again better late than never. Weather seems each year to not cooperate with getting beans in early, was shooting for mid June, ended up wrapping up Saturday.  Same spots as last year, expanded the bigger plot a bit.  Did spray a burndown mix of gly and 2 4 d about 2 weeks prior to tilling this time and all the vegetation was pretty well toast.  Broadcast about 130 lbs of the glyphosate resistant beans over the bigger plot and about 60 lbs over the smaller, then pulled a drag over with my little kubota.  



Plot in the bottom.


We got rain earlier in the week, checked yesterday and had beans popping up already, just 4 days after planting.  Will post some updated pics with green in them in the coming weeks.  

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Took these yesterday.  One week after getting the seed broadcast and just a few days after they got moisture, super fast germination.  Had a heavy soaker again last night, these should do really well if we can get a few more showers through July and August.  Plan to try to hand sew in some sorghum later on in the summer at the edge closest to our stand.  Beyond the oak tree in this first pic is about an acre of clover.


Despite having a late frost, the pear trees on the left side in this plot have a few pears on them this year. 


Plot in the bottom, will put up the 2 person ladder in the same big oak just back up behind where I snapped this pic from again this fall.  Our 13 year old Allison really enjoyed sitting that stand last fall, despite having better luck from the stand looking over the other plot.  


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Looks really good Wm.

Was looking at your earlier posts on this and still think it's odd to see a plot or field that's not full of rocks and stones.

This will be my second season of not plowing, discing and seeding my plots. The rye I put in 2 years ago after a burn off did well last fall after I bush hogged it off and disced the seed back in.

I will do that again in a few weeks so there's fresh growth this fall. Next spring I will start over - plow and disc then seed with a commercial 'big rack' mix of some sort.

Also, I used to bush hog other grassy areas once a year - mostly for brush control.

This year I mowed in late June and will do it again the end of August to promote extended plant growth into the fall.

Next year If I get this tractor I'm rehabbing finished I'll have 3 tractors to use. One on the bush hog, one on the plow and one on the disc. Maybe I will have to find another one to pull the cultipacker. A guy doesn't want to spend too much time changing implements. 😁

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Plots in the hills have pretty well burned up, still just a little green, but looking like most ag crops but should be a good draw still into our gun seasons.  Bottom is still pretty green.  Does are enjoying the beans.  Not sure what the weeds are, got rid of most the pigweed with a spraying of gly, but those weeds seemed just a little stunted by the 2 oz per gallon mix.  


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I screwed up this year. I had meant to bush hog the rye down then disc the seed back in but missed the timing. The seed fell and rotted before I could get up there. I bush hogged it anyway but won't have much for plots this year.

Timing is everything and that's hard from 120 miles away.

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On 10/7/2019 at 3:43 AM, Ultradog said:

Timing is everything and that's hard from 120 miles away.

Timing here has been an issue with time I have and catching the right weather.

The time put in to these plots paid off this year.

Allison's buck was actually feeding in the beans with several does.  That plot still has a fair amount of beans.

DSC08445 Allison's 19 buck.JPG

Catrina's was moving through but she had several does feeding in the beans in the plot in the bottom that he was coming to.  Not much left of the beans that were in the bottom.

catrinas 19 ml buck.jpg



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