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2019 Hunting regs are out.

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Just looked them up online but will get the handbook soon and look it over again.

We can take two deer again this year. Wahoo!

99 days till the opener.

I guess I'd better start getting ready. 😉

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Biggest changes here are with the addition of the cwd zones.  Does not really impact those hunting outside the zones. 

We have the early archery velvet hunt the end of this month, nothing here on trail cams to get me wanting to sit in the heat and fight with the deer flies and skeeters.  

At this point honestly do not know how much hunting I will do this fall, sure I will get the kids out some and hopefully make it out with the muzzleloader a few times.  

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No bucks only units this year in state only big change here;

Archery and Crossbow Sept. 14 - Jan. 5, 2020
Archery and Crossbow *Metro Sub-units only* Sept. 14 - Jan. 31, 2020
Gun hunt for hunters with disabilities: This is not a statewide season. Learn more... Oct. 5 - 13
Youth deer hunt Oct. 5 - 6
Gun Nov. 23 - Dec. 1
Muzzleloader Dec. 2 - 11
December 4-day antlerless hunt Dec. 12 - 15
Antlerless-only Holiday Hunt
*Only in valid farmland units. Please see deer regulations booklet for valid units.
Dec. 24 - Jan. 1, 2020

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