Aug 2 check in

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Enjoying the last of my holidays with my family and new baby. The week went by so fast. Long weekend up here though so I also have Monday off which is nice! Just got back from Cabelas, dad is turning 60 this week and was in need of a new fishing rod and reel. So my brother and I went in on a $320 G Loomis rod and a $150 high end Shimano reel. He'll be mad at us but that's ok. 

They also had Stoeger X10 air rifles on sale, 1200fps! Picked one up, going to mount a spare 3-9x scope on it and get it dialed in. Got some starlings and pigeons making a mess in the barn. That will fix the buggers lol.

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I've got the son and granddaughter coming up for the weekend and plan on just chillin and grillin.  I need to stay out of the sun for a few days.  Went and pulled a camera today and the last mile out to the truck I think I was approaching medium rare to medium.  I have another location for the camera, but that will have to wait a few days and I think I'll start in at the first hint of light.  Need to get some more staining done also, but definitely before the heat builds.

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Well I am back to work now after my vacation......some highs and lows from the last two weeks...first time ever to be off for a week with my wife in the to get a lot done and had a sort of good party at our place ...why sort of? well the Tuesday before it was supposed to go on I got a call from my deer hunting buddies that their Dad and a 32 year friend of mine had passed away....SO on Thursday my family had already made plans to lay my mom to rest so we did that then people started to show up at the house that night. the next morning I had to leave for Owen sound to attend Franks wake stay the night go to the funeral Sat and drive back home a 4 1/2 hour trip with good traffic got back home in the evening but really didn't feel like partying ....the next weekend was family ball one of the best times of the year for me UNTIL I did a tuck and roll down the first baseline resulting in cracked or broken ribs (didn't go to hospital cant do anything for them anyway) so here I sit now back at work very sore after a rollercoaster 2 weeks.

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