Favorite Hunting Boots?

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Irish Setters for me.

Vaprtrek snake boots for spring turkey...…………. Rutmaster rubber boots for deer. 

There's a shop about 10 minutes up the road that beats internet prices on Irish Setters and Red Wings.  If I have any problem...……….. I go 10 minutes up the road to HIM.  You can NOT do that with Danners.  That's why I refuse to buy ANYTHING from them.

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Depends on where, the game hunted, and the temperature.

Turkey hunting:  Were snakes are a concern...Irish Setter snake boots.  Otherwise Irish Setter regular boots.  Unless it's exceptionally cold (It was 14 on opening day in Missouri in 2017)...then break out the 1200 LaCrosse rubber boots.

Deer Hunting:  It depends on the temp.  I use uninsulated LaCrosse rubber boots when it's warmer (down to ~60), Muck boots when it's cooler (down to ~30), and 1200 LaCrosse rubber boots when it's colder.  If it's very cold I'll add Thermacell boot warmers to the inside of my 1200's.

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