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Article about CWD

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Yeah, dunno.  A LOT of conflicting information out there but the general consensus seems to be to not eat deer that have cwd and some hysteria has led to the notion to not eat deer at all.   TN warns to not eat infected deer in accordance with the cdc.  Question is how do you know a deer is infected without having them tested.  A deer may have cwd for years and show zero symptoms.  We are not YET in a cwd zone, but it is very close, being in the county just south of us, and suspect there is a likelihood the zone will be expanded this year. 

Having a deer tested at this point would be somewhat inconvenient for us since we do not do deer processors but rather process our own.  We/I spend a lot of time on processing our deer and take care that we trim away parts we don't want to eat.  I can see it now, keeping a deer in a cooler on ice for 10 days to 2 weeks prior to spending the time for processing just to confirm whether it is cwd positive or negative.  Then comes some questions I have on just how they sample, best as I know you have to take a head where brain tissue can be tested.  A trip to a cwd zone with a head from a deer you want mounted to have them collect the sample and then a trip back to recover your head is just not convenient. 

Has to be a better way.............    

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