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2019 - 2020 Deer contest rules

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This is a COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL CONTEST. The 2019-2020 RT Forum Members Deer Contest is a contest created and operated independently by RT forum members and is not officially sanctioned or managed by Realtree or Jordan Enterprises

It's time for the Annual deer contest, before you sign-up make sure you read and understand ALL the rules.

DEER ENTRY DEADLINE - Contest will run from the opening of the first legal deer season until February 28th, 2020. At midnight on February 28th, 2020 the contest will be closed to further entries.


Any deer taken in the 2019-2020 deer season. That includes muley, whitetails, blacktails and cous deer. Both does and bucks are eligible for entry. Deer may be taken however legal way chosen (bow, shotgun, rifle, etc... motor vehicles not allowed.


5 points for a deer. Buck or Doe.

1 additional point will be added for every point on a rack of 1 inch or more.

Participant score will consist of 1 deer. If you are allowed to shoot more than 1 deer you may upgrade your score by submitting the new deer, this will cancel out your previous deer.


To submit an entry a participant must include in the 2019-2020 RT Forum Deer Contest - ENTRY thread... your screen name, the number of tines that are 1 inch or longer (main beam counts), your team name. A photo of himself/herself with the deer, Photo must show the entire front half of the deer or more - this is to avoid any possible accusations concerning people entering mounts.

NOTE 1: This picture HAS to show both the deer AND THE HUNTER, pics of only the deer will not be counted. Photo must show the entire front half of the deer or more.

NOTE 2: Picture of just the caped out head, skull plate, or skull mount will not be counted

Photo(s) where all scorable tines can be seen in. If 1 inch tine is questionable supply a photo with a measurement against the tine for verification.

A photo of legal tag: This is a MUST, no deer will be entered without a clear picture of the tag. Make sure the picture can be read in the picture.

NOTE 1: The tag picture has been the #1 reason for entries not being counted in the contest - DON'T FORGET YOUR TAG PICTURE.

FOR PARTICIPANTS IN STATES THAT DO NOT HAVE A TAGGING SYSTEM write the following information down on a piece of paper, your forum name, your team name, date deer was taken, state deer was taken in, print and sign your name - scan or take a picture of that info and supply it instead of the tag picture.

** If you have issues with scanning or posting your photos I would be happy to help you out or post them for you, just send me a PM.


In case of a tie, I will post pictures of each teams deer harvest in the lounge and let the other forum members decide the most deserving winner through polling. They are free to base their opinions any way they like, highest B&C scores, best youth success stories, etc.


As of right now there are no prizes.

We will recognize the highest scoring team.

We will also recognize the Youth (Age 17 and under) with the highest scoring deer.

We will recognize a Best of Contest Deer that will be voted on by RT forum members after the February 28th deadline.

If and when prizes are posted - only one prize package will be awarded to an individual member.


Please feel free to contact me via PM if you have any questions. If you have any comments, concerns or possible disputes please pm me so that I can look into it and get a decision made on it.

Just to forewarn everyone I WILL NOT put up with teams/participants scrutinizing or arguing between each other, if there is an issue bring it to my attention so I can make a decision on it. If I feel there is a need for more than my input on the issue I will bring it in front of the mods to help with the decision. The decision made on a matter is final. If a participant or team wants to try to play out an issue in the open forum and cause problems instead of bringing it to me, I reserve the right to deal with that member/team accordingly. Any participant caught cheating will be removed from the contest and replaced. I reserve the right to remove any participant from the contest for any reason.

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