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1 hour ago, Rhino said:

Congratulations William!  Great buck for your neck of the woods!  He's a better buck than the one in the trail cam pic.  If you get him scored I bet he'll surprise you.  The buck in the pic is still around for the family Christmas hunt too.

Thanks Al.  No doubt he is a nice deer for the backyard. 

I posted another thread with story and field pics.  With the long beams and tine length I would guess he is around a 120 inch deer.  Probably my best scoring 8 pt.  

And yes we are still hunting.  Allison, Catrina and I each could take another buck.  I told Catrina she gets to go as much as she wants this weekend, but she has to kill one bigger than the one she already killed.  

The wide 8 was still around Sunday.


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On 12/11/2019 at 9:13 AM, Maine Hntr said:

Beautiful deer, Congrats on a great season to you and your family!

Thank you Chris.  This was definitely a nice addition to this season.  

I don't think we had any pics of the deer I killed or the deer Catrina killed.  We had just a couple of the one Allison killed.

Field pics and story posted here.  



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