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Sons Nebraska buck

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Little late on this but here goes anyway, Sat all day opening day and saw a lot of deer but none he wanted to shoot. He passed on some young bucks and a lot of does, 4Th season hunting deer so he’s a bit more picky now.

Day 2 he was acting pretty sluggish in the morning getting ready and didn’t want to eat breakfast before we left. We have about an hour drive and then a taxing 30 minute walk through steep bluff county with full gear to last the day. We made more stops than usual during our walk and I was starting to feel bad we even came out, he clearly wasn’t feeling well but didn’t say anything until we started our hike.


So we get to the blind and I have him take off his hoodie too cool down, we have a heater if he get to cold, and after a few minutes he’s getting his temp down. Then he stands up leans out the window and vomits! 

So now I’m dying inside because I hate that he’s not well and could care less about hunting. He sits down and says that he’s better, I tell him okay well go home if you want to, No he wants to stay. Fine, everything seemed to pass after that, he cooled down, ate a small snack and was much better off.

About 7:15 we could here 2 bucks fighting in the cedars fairly close and so we got positioned where we hope he could shoot. 15 minutes later I saw antlers in the cedars and told my boy “Be ready, trust me you’re going to want to shoot this buck”. The buck stepped out from behind a cedar tree at 15 yards and stopped at 25 when I blew my grunt tube. Perfect shot!

The rifle my son used belonged to my father in law, he is still with us but never really got into hunting and now is handicapped with M.S. He gave me the rifle one Christmas years back, I’ve used it a few times but it rarely comes out. This year we took it to the range while checking the zero on the other guns and my son really liked it and asked to hunt with it this  season. He handled it well and shot good so I said ok. 

So as we are enjoying the moment after we recover his buck I decided that was as good a time as any to officially give him his grandfather’s Rem 700 30.06 that he bought back in 1968. Kid forgot he didn’t feel well pretty quickly after the buck and being given a rifle! Turned into a great day....


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Congrats! Arnt many kids these days that would go hunting if they were feeling ill.....NICE rack with good mass!  I got my Dads 270 700 Rem. looks just like that... You made your grandpa proud!👍

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