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My 2019/2020 Ice Fishing Adventures

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That time of year again in this neck of the woods. Switching from hunting to ice fishing. I'm laid off til April or so, so I am hoping to get out quite a bit this winter!

My 4 year old has taken an interest to it. Took her out a few days ago to a speckled trout lake. We ended up landing and releasing 9. 20191223_115138.thumb.jpg.b16825bf29ec6259eaa8243aaab73e48.jpg

Today I went on the hunt for brown trout. Very rare species here in Ontario. The lakes that are stocked with them by the MNR can be tricky to get to. Made an hour drive and a mile hike into this beautiful lake today. Only fished for a little more than an hour, wanted to get home before the freezing rain started. Ended up with my first 2 browns of my lifetime. Just small ones, but another species checked off the list for me. Man are they ever gorgeous fish. My brother and I are headed in to the same lake tomorrow morning. Hoping to find some bigger ones to bring home for a snack.20191226_130439.thumb.jpg.2fb78b8e33e2b45158f89b53c636322d.jpg



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Get out there Martin! Lol

Made it back to the brown lake yesterday with my brother. Took the 4 wheeler this time. Turns out it was 1.5 miles into the lake instead of the mile I estimated lol. Maybe I'm in better shape than I think I am!😂

Only caught 2 more yesterday, and some perch. I didn't get pics, they were about the same size as the first two I caught. 

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