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Hello everyone

I am new here, and thank you for reading my questions and helping if you are able to.

I have a RECONX trail cam. and love it. BUT I have not used it in a long time and since then I have switched from PC to MAC. and no longer have any pc products. 

Questions, the software buck view will not load and work on my Mac .

Is there any one out there could guide my self to be able to use the SIM card out of the recent camera and view it on my IPHONE or IPAD while out in the field ??

really would love not to have to drag a pc lap top out and have to buy one as well! 

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Welcome to the forums.  Not sure about the mac software, but being that the raw images should be a jpg format from the camera, wouldn't any imaging software work?  Supposedly according to google you can double click the file and open in any browser.  Far as a reader, there are multi readers to usb, would think there are similar type cables available to go from the memory card to your phone or ipad.  

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