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Well even though I'm working 13hr nights 6 nights a week I was able to get out and help a buddy of mine take his 8yr old boy and his 12yr old daughter. Birds gobbled a couple times on the roost then maybe 2 times on the ground.  Heard 4 in all directions.  It got quiet after fly down so we sat patiently calling softly every so often.  I no more than reached up and turned off my camera than out pops a head then another then 6 more. We had 8 hens standing at 15yds from us and we couldn't move.  Then I hear it, drumming and he is close.  I tell Ty to get ready but he is frozen because of the hens. Then after what seemed like forever (5min) I see the tips of his fan moving from left to right just over the rise in the hill. He is trying to flank his hens.  I tell Ty to get his gun up and to aim right  way right  Every so often you could see his head looking then just his tips. Ty finally got twisted around an is now leaning on me and is able to brace his 20ga on a small sapling.  I make a few soft calls and ask him if he can see the turkeys head when he raises it to look at us.  He said he could see it and I told to put the dot on it and squeeze the trigger. My next call I hear the safety click and then boom. His first turkey was flopping just over the hill from us.  Double beard 8 3\4" and 5 3\8"   1" daggers for spurs and weighed 19lbs. He was pumped  He cracked me up though, after I got done dryheaving I said dang Ty you sure are calm, to which he replied "well I'm calm because, well I like shooting" LOL cracked me and his dad up.  He's a stone cold killer.   Just though I'd share.  
Mississippi youth season started out pretty dang good.   


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