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Hey everybody... I know it's slow here not like the days of 10-12 years ago but I wanted to try to catch up a little bit with you guys... I still see a lot of familiar faces from the old days who's posted in recent weeks. *Sigh*.... Where to begin.....


I'm guessing the last time I posted here was 2015ish? Not even sure about that but just a guess.... Since then a lot has changed in my life... I've been divorced, gotten remarried, and I'm not exaggerating I literally went from having my one son who y'all might remember when he was born (Mason now 11 years old) to having 7 children. My current wife and I connected out of fate I guess you could say.. I lost my Dad in 2016 and also found my new bride that same year... Long story short she was told she would never be able to bear children and we got engaged and she brought her son by adoption with her so that put us up to 2 boys... We shared a want for more children so we took the only option we thought we had at the time and became foster parents. After going through the background checks, classes, home inspections and what not we were asked to take in a sibling group of 3 girls and of course we said yes so summer of 2017 Olivia 12, Kaylee 10, and Gabrielle 4 moved in with us. They all were a part of our wedding we had in August of 2017. Fast forward to Summer of 2018 a friend of ours having the same problems with infertility recommended a doctor to us in Knoxville so we started doing fertility treatments. The same month my wife became pregnant we found out our girls were not going to be able to be returned to their parents and they would be eligible to be adopted. In that same month my wife had a miscarriage. The very next month she successfully became pregnant again and this time carried full term and miss EmmaLou was born in April 2019. The father of my foster girls filed for an appeal so the adoption process was drug out to over a year later but in August of 2019 they became officially adopted. This brings us to 2 boys 4 girls. After EmmaLou was born we decided that if God wanted us to have any more children it would be because it just happened that no more fertility treatments were going to be used... Well to our surprise it happened a whole lot faster than we could've imagined because it turned out my wife was indeed pregnant again... Miss Morgan was born a little over 2 weeks ago and that brings us to 7... 2 boys, 5 girls... Olivia 14, Kaylee 13, Mason 11, Bentley 9, Brianna 7, (name change after adoption) EmmaLou almost 1, and Morgan 2 weeks.

God has truly blessed us not only with the children we have but also I started a job in January of 2019 that will be no doubt my career for the rest of my life I hope. I now work for a contractor for the Dept of Energy in Oak Ridge Tennessee at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Our company removes hazardous materials out of old nuclear reactor buildings and uranium refinerys. My company has been a big part in the deconstruction of the buildings that made the uranium for the bombs dropped on Japan in WW2. Pretty sweet gig and it's incredible to see some of the thing I've had the fortune of seeing (nothing classified although that does happen if you have a clearance which I do not have lol).

Hope everybody has been doing good these past few years and hopefully everybody is ok during this insanity going on currently.



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18 hours ago, Dawg said:

Good to see you around again Janice.  Stick around this time!

Congrats on the kids.....good looking family you got there.

Janice.... Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time 😂... I feel like there used to be a rebuttal to Janice but I can't remember it

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