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The past two nights have been wild game on the grill in the MouthCaller household... Last night was a half a deer back strap stuffed with jalapeno and cream cheese wrapped in bacon grilled to medium rare perfection and tonight is Jamaican jerk wild turkey breast on the grill. I started out with the tenderloin my making a "pocket" into it by butterflying the middle but leaving the ends attached so you can stuff two jalapeno with seeds removed (because of the kids) and almost a stick of cream cheese into the middle and I stick toothpicks to try to "sew" it back together then wrap in bacon placing toothpicks strategically to keep the bacon on... Not sure on the timing of the cook or temp but I guess I just know my grill and I cooked it time the bacon was done and the middle was medium rare. Tonight's dish is Jamaican jerk wild turkey breast that I have made a few times over the years and I actually got it off another forum. I will post that recipe in the next comment. 



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Try this for a little Caribbean twist on the grill.

This makes enough marinade for one boneless half of a wild turkey breast.

1 TBS Kosher Salt
1 TBS Garlic Salt
1 TBS Thyme
2 TBS Whole All Spice

2 Fresh Cubanelle Peppers or 6 Annaheim Peppers (remove stems and seeds)
1 Habanero Pepper (remove stem and seeds)

1/4 cup Peanut Oil

Thoroughly liquefy all ingredients in a blender.

Dry the turkey breast thoroughly with paper towels.  (Helps it soak in the marinade and seasoning stick while cooking)

Put the turkey breast and marinade in a large ziploc bag.  Shake it up to make sure the meat gets coated. 

Refrigerate in marinade at least two hours before cooking.  (Overnight is better!)

Grill the breast until done.  The seasoning should stick and blacken while grilling.

My way of doing it was slightly different because instead of the one habanero I used one poblano deseeded.... Also I've always used the Anaheim peppers never tried the cubanelle
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I cooked shrimp alfredo last night.  Have left overs so I'll probably eat that again tonight or I may cook up some sketti.  Depends on how I feel when I get home after fishing this evening.

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