Ontario opener tomorrow

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Getting geared up for the morning. Emma, my 4 year old is pumped up! She was with me last year when we got one. Got the blind set up, chairs are in, ready for the morning.

I'm using my 20ga this year. It's just an old Remington 812 single shot 2 3/4" that my dad bought brand new for $25 when he was 18, and passed it onto me when I was old enough to take the punch from it. I've killed countless grouse, ducks and even geese with it, and this year I want to take a turkey with it! Yesterday I got some Nitro Magnum 1 1/8oz #6's. Should do the trick! 

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Go get 'em !!!

Tomorrow's our youth day.  Our general opener is the latest one in the country (and Canada, apparently) this year.............  Our game commission is ridiculous.

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Well nothing this morning. Legal shooting time was 5:31am this morning. Think we were at the blind by 5:10ish. Only around 400 yards from the house. Heard one grouse drumming about 50 yards behind us. By 6:10 Emma had enough lol. It was only 19 degrees so I'm surprised she lasted as long as she did. Supposed to be 57 later so maybe she'll last a little longer this afternoon. We'll head out around 4:30 or 5:00. Cutoff time is 7pm here.

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