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Mississippi 4\7\2020

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Man it’s been a tough one for me this year. A crazy outage work schedule along with a ton of pressure in the woods has made it an interesting season.  

I got an invite from my buddy Jeremy to go hunt the bird that got within 4’ of his daughter and me opening day. I was hoping she was going back but she was at her grandparents so me and Jeremy took I Off after him.  Ended up with him strutting and drumming at about 150yds for an hour.  Bad set up on our part and the bird didn’t do his normal deal. 

2 days later were in there again and we hear him gobble in the distance. We make our way to the area he’s in and pinpoint his location. I ease off down the hollow closing the distance on him and set up. Jeremy stays back about 40yds.  He’s gobbling every so often and finally hear him fly down. You can hear him drumming like crazy. Finally he gobbled and has gotten around to my right. I reposition and wait for him to hit an opening. I’ve got my first MS bird of the year and he’s a fine one. The Good Lord really blessed me on this one. 
11” beard 
1 1/8 spurs 

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