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Misssippi 4\8\2020

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I slip away from work a little early again in hopes of getting Maddy her first bird.  We get set up on a ridge where we had heard a couple the day before.  Jeremy and Maddy are sitting about 40yds in front of me. Just as daylight starts to appear we hear 3 different birds gobble and one is real close. The close bird actually flys down real close to us but it’s thick and we can’t see him and he goes quiet. The other two are gobbling good and go the other way.  Jeremy hits them with his snuff can call and the are quick to cut him off. A few min later they gobble closer. Now I’m trying to motion to Jeremy to get Maddy and make a quick move behind me where it’s a old log road and where I think they will come to. He never sees me and told me after it was all over that he didn’t want to move because there was another bird close. After they close the distance in half I couldn’t stand it i jumped up and made a quick move about 50yds back farther behind where I was sitting. I got next to a big pine and got ready. About 3 min later I’m looking at 2 longbeards looking for the bird they had heard. I had full intentions of letting them walk by me to get to her but when they didn’t see what they thought they should they got nervous and their heads changed colors and they tucked their wings and started to walk off. I felt bad but I wasn’t letting them walk off. 
My second MS bird   I asked Maddy if she was mad at me and she said no sir happy!   We’re going back to try to get her one soon. 
10 5/8” beard. 11” if I untwist it 
1” spurs 


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