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Made a mad dash to Florida and was able to take this fine bird with my .410.  He’s got some beautiful color to him.  15lbs 10” thick beard and 1 1/16” spur and a broken spur 

I’ve got some buddy’s down in Florida that are outfitters and run TnT Outfitters. We’ve been talking about the covid-19 mess and how it’s affecting their year. They have had a pile of folks move their hunts till next year.  They invited me for a hunt and I couldn’t pass it up. I wanted to try to get a bird with my .410. 

I left work at midnight Thursday night and drove the 9.5hrs to their camp house. They asked me if I needed to sleep and my answer was I’ll sleep after i kill one lol.  We loaded up and went looking. The first set was a beautiful hardwood and pine mix. We called up a hen but no gobblers. So we moved to another field to give it a try. 

When we started eating the edge of the field Shawn noticed a gobbler strutting in the corner where we wanted to sit. We watched as the gobbler a coupe hens and a jake worked their way off into the woods. We decided to go sit for a while in hopes of them coming back out.  We set up under some low hanging oak limbs on the edge of the field. 
After about 30min the two hens come back into the field literally 5’ from me. One of the hens saw my eye move and she moved back into the woods, the other hen stayed just to my left milling around.  I hear Chad say there is a red head out in the field. Sure enough after some hard looking through the oak limb I see a brilliant bright red head and two jakes behind him.  We make a soft call and the red headed gobbler leaves the county in a hurry. Like
Road runner fast.  About the time he’s bolting I see a white head pop up behind the jakes. It’s another Tom. Shawn and chad start calling and using a decoy that Shawn had in his pack to coax that weary gobbler across 100yds of open field to within 35yds. I was finally able to pick a hole in that limb and take a beautiful Osceola gobbler.  About broke my nose in the process with that little .410.    


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2 hours ago, Mathews XT Man said:

sounds like a fun little hunt. Then you let that .410 beat you up?

Haha yeah it’s a little short even with the extension the over the stock sims butt pad give it (Got to work on an extension) so at the angle I was at my thumb knuckle was literally touching my nose and I didn’t realize it. When I touched it off I knew it lol. I was just happy it wasn’t my 20ga. Just have a little crunch in my nose now. Well worth it. 

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