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Mississippi 4\19\2020 thats a wrap

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My covid 2020 turkey season went out with a bang bang.  Long story short me and my buddy Jeremy made another hunt together and it was total silence in the woods that morning so we bounced around to a few different spots with no luck. We get back to his house and I asked him to help me look at my car because it was making an awful noise in the front end. We drove it up the road and when he was turning it around he said "would you look at that" it was a strutting bird going over the hill just behind us. Its on his land and he said well I guess well try them in the morning. I said why not get him now. So we took off back to his truck to gather our stuff from the morning. We rush back up to the field and can't see anything, I told him they will be right over the crest of the hill.  We ease out open a metal gate without making a sound and I get my fan out.  I started crawling across the field to get a look and I see the gobbler strutting next to the woods about 100yds away and he's got a buddy with him and 4 hens.  I motion for Jeremey to get up there with me and he crawls up there beside me.  We inch forward together until we get about 60yds from them and that's all they could take. They turn towards us and here they come on a march. We let them get to 30yds and that's way close enough. I stop them with a call and they separate a little. 3,2,1 bang bang. We doubled to end both our seasons.  It wasn't the picture perfect call them in hunt but boy oh boy its a rush having them run in to you ready to fight.


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Forgot to add the measurements 

Jeremy’s had an 11.25” beard and one spur that was 1 1/8” the other was a nub maybe 3/8” and weighed 17lbs 

Mine had a 12” beard and one spur that was 1 1/8” the other was a bump 1/8” and weighed 17lbs. 

It was strange that both had only one spur. 

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