2020-2021 deer contest signup

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Guess we will see if we can get enough to signup to do this again this year.  Should be plenty early enough.  

Before signing up please read and understand the rules posted in this room.  

First of all this is of course an unofficial contest run and moderated by forum members and not sanctioned by the good folks at Realtree/Jordan Outdoor Enterprises etc.

There may or may not be prizes awarded at the end, in order to participate you must be a member in good standing with at least 10 posts at the time of the contest start, or member of active military duty with 5 posts. A new member with a consistent regular member vouching for them can also enter.  Any questions with regards to post count do not hesitate to ask here or pm me. We reserve the right to disallow any member regardless of post count. This contest is simply an "all-in-fun" thing and if someone is disruptive to either the forums or their teams they will be replaced.

Sign-Up will end on Sept 21st, may be extended or may take alternates if need be. At that time I will randomly make up teams (youth hunters will be evenly distributed though) and will have them assembled before the 23rd when I know many states have openers. Additional late teams can still be made up as they are formed, so if you catch this thread after the deadline, by all means sign up anyway. There are always no-shows and we need alternates.

REMEMBER YOU ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE. NO ONE LIKES TO BE STUCK ON A TEAM WITH NO-SHOWS! Once the teams are announced we'll allow about two weeks to check in, so please check back before the end of the month or you will find you have been kicked off the team and to the back of the line.

Please sign up below with Name, Screen Name, Age, States to be hunted, and Dates. 

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