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I was readings Norm's post from a few years back talking about wanting to go hunting but not having any luck with people stepping up to help him go so I thought I would post this.

I had done some work for a foundation that's located in Kentucky called Huntsman's Foundation, they also have a tv show that airs on Pursuit channel called Huntsman's Creed TV.  Their mission is to inspire and enable disabled Americans to get back in to the outdoors.  They do hunting and also I believe fishing events.  They take kids, people with disabilities, and veterans.  If this is something that you would be interested in use the link below to go to the website, they have an application that you can fill out to let them know you are interested.  I know things have slowed down due to Covid right now, but they are good people and if its something you would be interested in I would definitely fill out the application.

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