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Anyone got plans to pursue antelope this year? I've got a South Dakota any antelope archery tag. Normally I'd probably range further out across the state, but I think Covid-19 is forcing me to take smaller day trips to closer less antelope filled territory this year. 

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Only lope I would have had a chance at was near Circle Mont. west of Glendive.  Did not grab a tag, as we were Mule deer hunting. of course there was one right up by the two track. let us drive right up to it. Coulda shot him with the bow.

Just stickin at home, chasin Whities this fall. 5 minutes and im in ''heaven"

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They're certainly a fun hunt! There aren't too many on the eastern side of the Missouri River, but their population is increasing in size and territory, and there's close to eight eligible eastern counties in the rifle and archery seasons these days.

There's a good chunk of public land up and down the river, but wouldn't surprise me if most are more easily hunted in the private agriculture fields (wheat, alfalfa, etc.). Got a tip on a vast ranch covering nearly half of one of those counties, so I'm praying I'll be able to get access. People are more willing to let you hunt their antelope than deer, pheasants and waterfowl out here.

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