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Got a pretty nice tan line yesterday along with my two boys on the Tennessee opener for doves. The TWRA has been leasing property to hunt on for the last several years 20-25 minutes away from my house and they are becoming more and more popular. I told the boys we will get out to the field and beat everybody there to get the good spots along the tree line and so we got up at 3am and still didn't get there early enough to sit on a tree line that is 700-800 yards long. Oh and did I mention you cannot start shooting until 12pm? We got there over 8 hours early and still couldn't get a spot we wanted lol. Once 12pm came around there were was times of boredom and then there were times of not being able to keep your gun loaded and couldn't pick which bird to shoot... It took me all day long and embarrassingly 6 boxes of shells but I managed to bring home my limit plus 3 that the guy next to me let me have. All in all it was a great day. 

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Sounds like fun Will! Other than getting up at 3am, that is a LONG wait! LOL. 

Corey, the guy that you met when we had dinner down there, likes doves. They aren't all that common to hunt up here but they are in season now. Ruffed grouse is what we mainly go after when it comes to small game birds. Season opens on Tuesday. Corey and I are planning on getting out on weekends when we are both free. Also going to duck and goose hunt after work on the river pretty soon!

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