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Picking up a new to me ATV this afternoon! My poor ole 2004 Kodiak about had enough, and I didn't have the ambition to rip the engine out to fix it, so I sold it at a very discounted price to a guy that wanted it. Almost went down to the other side of Toronto on the weekend to get one, but my back ended up going out on me and couldn't fathom the thought of doing a 10 hour round trip in the truck. Came across one last night for a good deal that was only 10 minutes from here and went over to have a look at it. Turned out I know the guy selling it, so that made it a little easier. I used to work at a Can-Am/Seadoo/Skidoo dealer for 6 years so I know them very well. Had a 2008 Can-Am Outlander 500 that I had bought brand new. Gave me 1000 trouble free miles before selling it since I didn't really have a spot to use it without trailering it when I lived at home. A couple months later I met my fiancee, wished I had never got rid of it then since we live on a 100 acre farm LOL! 

Anyway, always wanted one of these little rockets since the first time I drove one at the dealer! They are great machines, most power in the industry when you want to play, they look sporty and also have selectable 4x4. They are basically an Outlander with a sporty body on it. 

Here she is. 2014 Can-Am Renegade XXC 1000. I may take the wrap off and put the stock wheels back on so it looks like the second picture. Haven't quite made my mind up yet.



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On 9/12/2020 at 6:42 AM, Strut10 said:

How ya gonna haul a deer on THAT !!!   😁


Nice bike !!!!   ENJOY !!!!

I'll probably end up getting a rack for the back eventually. But honestly, where we hunt 95% is within dragging distance to the truck, or where we can get the trucks to, and they just get put in the bed.

Most of my riding is ripping around on the trails and taking the kids for rides around the farm. Its great for that. Great suspension for a smooth ride and a nice gentle giant when you want it to be, extremely smooth power with the V-twin. And with almost 90hp under your posterior, when you want to squeeze on it and have some fun. Not much if anything will pass these little rockets!😎😁

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nice looking machine, I went last weekend with one of my brothers and a few of his buddies, we put on over 225 miles in a little over 2 days in the Jackman Maine area, beautiful country. They're all big Can-Am side by side fans, I still prefer the utility style 4 wheeler, although those things are a lot of fun and suspension is something else. Definitely an easier ride. 




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